Clinical Skin Vitamin C Pro-Collagen Serum Beauty Editor Review

Vitamin C itself has pro-collagen properties. In fact, antioxidants are absolutely necessary for collagen production. “If you don’t have vitamin C, your collagen can’t cross-link to lift and firm the skin,” says Julia T. Hunter, MD, founder of Comprehensive dermatology in Beverly Hills, once share with mbg. And it doesn’t just stimulate collagen production; it’s stable collagenfirst you have, resulting in an overall reduction in wrinkles.

So if you want plump, youthful skin, you’ll want to add vitamin C to your routine, be it through a serum and/or supplement. But This Clinical Skin number Take those collagen-boosting abilities a step further by adding a host of other antioxidants that boost the potency of vitamin C. Vitamin E, glutathione, caffeine and ergothioneine help protect skin from free radicals and help reduce skin aging; ergothioneine, for example, has been shown to Reduce signs of photodamage2 (the main cause of skin aging).

This formula is also high in ceramides, and we may not need to remind you of the importance of ceramides for overall skin health. (We will send you to our address complete guide to ceramides if you have any questions.) But when it comes to topical ceramides, experts note that they actually mimic your moisture barrier, thus helping your skin instantly look plump and plump. hydrated.

In terms of texture, this serum has a light, liquid texture. It instantly merges with your complexion and practically disappears after use. It’s also completely fragrance-free, which is an impressive feat for vitamin C; Many strong vitamin C serums — specifically ascorbic acid serums — can have a slightly… bad smell. (Some people swear they smells like sausage.) Other formulations may include citrus extracts to mask odors or natural vitamin C supplements.

I particularly don’t like my face smelling like oranges or hot dog juice, so I was delighted to discover this Clinical Skin serum is completely fragrance-free. After signing up, I could barely say I wore it — but of course, my brilliant results were a deadly gift.

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