Connie Britton Weighs in on a White Lotus Season 3 Return

After the production package on White Lotus‘ second season in Sicily, creator White Mike hinting that he already has a destination in mind for a third.

“The first season is about money and the second season is about sex,” he said. “I think season three, it could be a satirical, humorous look at death, religion and Eastern spirituality. It feels like it could be a rich tapestry to make another round of. .”

However, before the release of the second part, he theorized about something completely different— hinted that he had other ideas for a second season, but ultimately decided to go in the Sicilian direction.

“I might still do it in the future, if they give us a third season, so I don’t know if I should say,” Mike said Weekly entertainment September 29. “Initially, it was more like a Bilderberg conference, about getting involved in some of the greater power dynamics there. But Sicily is a completely different atmosphere than the idea I had in mind. That doesn’t seem right.”

For the record, the Bilderberg meeting, founded in 1954, is an informal meeting held annually to encourage political and social discussion between the United States and Europe.

A bunch of influential politicians at a White Lotus resort? Would it be possible to go wrong?!

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