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Forget Drew Barrymore, meet DR3W Barrymore! The iconic actress and talk show host, 47, aired her horror acting days on Tuesday, January 24 in a horror and hilarious episode of The Drew Barrymore Program which she turned into M3GAN from the viral horror film of the same name that came out on January 6. Drew dressed up as a ghostly, creepy AI doll for an interview. Allison Williams, who starred in the box office hit. Allison, 34, was nearly unstoppable after she told Drew “rule number one” to be “a real M3GAN”: run on all fours. Sure enough, Drew knelt down and dashed across the stage.

Allison then became extremely concerned when Drew’s light blue contact lenses moved in her eyes. The The Santa Clarita Diet The actress then went to fix her contacts, causing Allison to squirm in her chair and look around at the smiling audience. For added humor, Drew pretends to have a glitch.

A little more seriously, Drew asked Allison if she knew the film would be such a hit and break $100 million at the box office. “Obviously, M3GAN,” Allison began, playing along a bit. “We never know how these things will play out, but you can expect a certain outcome.” Then, she humbly gave M3GAN all the credit for the film’s success. “People loved M3GAN and they got her, that’s why,” she said.

Clearly pleased with the praise, “M3GAN” stood up and began performing the viral M3GAN dance in the film, earning her a standing ovation from the audience. Drew also recreated the silly dance in a behind-the-scenes video her team shared on the show Instagram page.”M3GAN?” her co-host, Ross MathewConfused asked at the beginning of the video is the same as the owner of M3GAN in the movie, Cady (played by Violet McGraw), did. Drew then hilariously mimics the dance — taking place near the end of the film when the killer doll is hunting for its victims. “M3GAN has taken over The Drew Barrymore Program!” read the clip’s caption.

The dance became an absolute hit on TikTok, even rival Jenna OrtegaNetflix dance hit series Wednesday Common. 11 year old girl Violet even joined the dance Access Hollywood earlier this month to teach co-hosts Mario López moving liquid. Both the dance and the movie were so successful that one M3GAN The sequel has been ordered for release in 2025, according to hollywood reporter.

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