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An act of heroism led to by Jeremy Renner Right where the year hospitalize. New details about the snow plow accident that sent the actor to the hospital were revealed in the sheriff’s office incident report, which was obtained by CNN. The report revealed that Jeremy was trying to save his nephew from being crushed by a snow plow when he was “pulled by the rails under the car and run over”.

According to reports, Jeremy was using a Pistenbully snow plow to try to pull his nephew’s truck out of the snow when the incident occurred. He told officials he successfully pulled the truck up the road when the snow plow began to “slide to the side” and “roll down the hill.” He got out of the car “without applying the emergency brake,” the report, written after Jeremy spoke to investigators on January 5, revealed.

jeremy renner
Jeremy Renner on the red carpet. (John Salangsang/Shutterstock)

“As he left Pistenbully, he realized it was heading straight for (his nephew),” the report continued. “He was afraid the Pistenbully would hit (his nephew), so he decided to try to stop or divert the Pistenbully.” While trying to get into the snow plow’s cabin, Jeremy had to climb onto the moving track and was “immediately pulled down,” according to the incident report.

“Although Pistenbully has some mechanical problems, based on our mechanical testing, it is believed that the parking brake will prevent the Pistenbully from moving forward,” the report states. ‘As Renner tried to avoid injuring (his grandson) he was pulled under the car by the rails and run over. However, the report also confirmed that “mechanical problems may be a factor”.

Jeremy is taken by helicopter to hospital after the terrible accident. He was in two weeks in hospital before returning home. However, his road to recovery has only just begun. In the January 21 update on InstagramJeremy revealed that he 30 broken bones in the accident. “Morning exercise, resolutions all changed in this particular new year…” he wrote. “Born out of tragedy for my whole family, and quickly focused on uniting actionable love.”

The scene of the accident sounds quite heartbreaking, as revealed by a neighbor in 911 call after the incident. “We just need someone here right away with life-saving techniques,” the neighbor told operators. “He was crushed underneath it, yeah. There’s a lot of blood here, so you need to get someone here immediately.”

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