The perfect flowers: A Lego bouquet on Valentine’s Day

Lego bouquet

Rebecca Isaacs/ZDNET

Don’t get me wrong — I love and cherish receiving flowers for Valentine’s Day, especially since I used to work in a flower shop back in the day. Between my allergies and my cats trying to chew on every last petal (and leaving a huge mess, hem, for me to clean up later), real flowers and me no longer mix .

So when I learned Lego didn’t just enter the adult market by designing Great Pyramid and even The globe is worthy of discussion but also by dropping a actual $50 bouquet, I was mesmerized. I know I have to get them.

Me too. And I’ve been keeping them in my apartment for a few months now. Needless to say: I’m still obsessed with Lego bouquet.

The 756-piece set isn’t tech, but it adds a fun, technical planter to my space. After all, those 700+ pieces require step-by-step building and I take my hat off to Lego. Their guides are known for being easy to understand, providing tidbits across the pages for readers to enjoy. Thanks to those instructions, it was a effortless and really enjoyable task, reminiscent of my childhood days when I and my father built the famous Lego Isaacs Chicken Tower.

Lego bouquet

Rebecca Isaacs/ZDNET

Each of the 15 tree trunks included in the design is vibrantly colored, from vibrant red snappers to pale roses sculpted from Lego car skins. Also included to make anyone — myself included — laugh are daisies and daisies to maximize pops of color.

Once done, I simply styled them in a cat-themed vase and continued my day. Since they’re artificial flowers, I don’t have to worry about watering them, nor do I have to ask a pet sitter to water them while I’m on vacation. My only concern? Whether or not I have to dust the petals. My cats ignore them, my apartment is filled with color, and I get to enjoy things I normally can’t.

Lego bouquet

Rebecca Isaacs/ZDNET

Bundle them together for a beautiful bouquet like I did, or you can separate them into flower bud vases. If you don’t feel 100% of this $50, The set is cheaper than the real thingMore options are coming.

Starting February 1st, Lego will be releasing two new floral designs, one of which is wild flower bouquet arrange. With $60That set can also be yours and you can pre-order that colorful bouquet right now on Amazon and Walmart. You know I had.

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