Why Taylor Swift Didn’t Get Nominated for 2023 Oscars

Despite the media speculation months ago that 15 minutes of Taylor Swift All so good short film can make her an Oscar contenderand even though her song “Carolina” from Where do Crawdads sing? shortlisted for the OscarsSwift ultimately failed to make the list when the Oscar nominations were announced today.

Pop stars Lady Gaga and Rihanna points earned though for Best Original Song, cho Top Gun: Maverick‘S “Hold My Hand” and Black Panther: Wakanda forevercorresponding to “Lift Me Up”. “Carolina” was not nominated, although it was shortlisted for 15 songs that the Academy considered for the category. “Carolina” received Golden Globe and Critics’ Choice nominations in this category, although it did not receive awards at either ceremony.

by Swift All so good are not even make short listnor is it a small role for Swift in 2022 Amsterdam Nominate for anything. All so good to be widespread success on YouTube, thoughwhere it has received over 82 million views.

Swift did a little campaign for All so goodespecially appeared in DiversityDirector of the series Director in conversation with Inisherin’s Bansheesby Martin McDonagh.
(McDonagh received a Best Director Oscar nomination today.) She also screened the film. Short films at the Toronto International Film Festival and held a talk about her directing. Swift will be directing her first feature filmbased on her own original script, soon for Searchlight Pictures.

Swift tells McDonagh for Diversity that directing wasn’t something she always wanted to do; it’s been a role that’s meant for her over time. “I always wanted to tell stories,” she said. “I have always written stories, poems, songs. And I think this just evolved from that storytelling. And the more I do it, the more I love it.”

She explained that turning to directing her own music videos was “really unnecessary”. “I have been writing my videos for years, and I had a video that was a very specific concept that I wrote about. [2019’s “The Man”], is that I want to be turned into a fake man and live my life like a man. And I want a female director to direct it. And the few I contacted were lucky enough to be booked. We like when women work. So I said, ‘I can do it, I can.’ And when I was directing, I just thought, ‘This is really more satisfying than I could have imagined.’”

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